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Spray Fireproofing

One of the best defenses in preventing the ignition or spread of a fire is to fireproof your building!

The threat of a fire in a home or any building is one of the biggest concerns for building owners. A building can be fireproofed either in the building phase or in the renovation phase. Fireproofing increases security for the structure, reduces liability and provides superior air-tight thermal protection.

Inso-Tec uses the HiBAR Spray-applied fireproofing method. This technique involves the spraying of various products onto construction materials in order to improve their resistance to fire while decreasing their chances of weakening, burning or melting under extreme heat. These fireproofing materials can be applied directly to steel beams, roof and floor assemblies, columns, concrete services, and joists in both industrial and commercial environments. The amount of spray-on fireproofing needed will depend on the weight, size and type of structure to which it will be applied.


Spray-applied fireproofing offers the following benefits:

  • Air-tight thermal protection / Resists air erosion
  • Heat loss reduction
  • Correction of acoustical problems
  • Cost efficiency
  • Highly cohesive
  • Deflective
  • Resists bond impact
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Dense makeup
  • Resists the corrosion of steel

Basic Uses:

  • Use spray-applied fireproofing over rigid structural substrates such as open web steel joists, beams, colums, floor/ceiling assemblies and exterior or partition wall units.
  • Use as thermal insulation on prefabricated metal buildings, corrugated metal roof assemblies, the underside of concrete slabs, masonary, metal and wall assemblies.
  • Use on ceilings and upper walls in noisy production areas or in large rooms such as gymnasiums or swimming pools where both sound absorption/soundproofing and aesthetic enhancement is desired.
  • Use as condensation control on exposed structural components that are in contact with cold/hot exterior surfaces.
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HiBAR is a ULC listed, spray applied semi cementitious mineral fibre insulation, for fire rating structural steel. HiBAR also has thermal and acoustical properties. It can be spray applied over rigid structural substrates and exterior of partition walls. It provides acoustical treatment for ceilings and walls in noisy production areas or large rooms such as gymnasiums or swimming pools where both sound absorption and aesthetic enhancement is desired. Condensation control is also provided on exposed structural components that are in contact with cold exterior surfaces.

Read: HiBAR Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM) (Specsheet) (PDF)

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