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services details Soundproofing Cellulose is an effective noise barrier and sound absorber. Cellulose-based insulation provides...

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Spray Fireproofing

services details Spray Fireproofing One of the best defenses in preventing the ignition or spread...

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Insulation Removal Services

Insulation Removal Services

services details Insulation Removal Services Out with the old and in with the new. Your...

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Cellulose Fiber Insulation

services details Cellulose Fiber Insulation Cellulose Fiber Insulation – A Smart Choice Cellulose Fiber Insulation is...

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Spray Foam Insulation

services details Spray Foam Insulation Energy efficient insulating material with one of the highest R-value...

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We offer simple, fast, easy and affordable finance options. 

Inso-Tec is also member of CUFCA, the RBQ and the BBB with an A+ Rating.  Ontario & Quebec Licensed.

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Providing the latest in residential, commercial and industrial insulation services.

With the carcinogenic threat of asbestos and the ineffective fire-resistance of fiberglass insulation, there is a need for safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly insulation alternatives. Inso-Tec delivers such alternatives with products such as Cellulose Insulation and Spray Foam Insulation.

Benefits of these alternative insulation products not only include air-tight thermal protection, but can offer superior soundproofing qualities as well.

Inso-Tec also offers services such as insulation removal (vermiculite containing asbestos, rodent droppings etc.) and fireproofing.

Inso-Tec offers free estimates and is a fully bonded and licensed company with trained and certified insulation technicians. Inso-Tec is a member of CUFCA, the RBQ and the BBB with an A+ Rating.  Ontario & Quebec Licensed.